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Is GMO Wheat Causing Gluten Problems?

By Sandy | Filed in Diet, Health and Gluten, Resources & Books
One of the questions I have been pondering for a long time:  Is GMO Wheat Causing Our Gluten Problems?  I did some research and found this wonderful article by Jane Anderson, the Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity expert.  According to Jane, the short answer is NO!  You cannot blame GMO wheat for the rising […]

GMO in the News

By Sandy | Filed in GMO Foods, Special Topics
Lots of happenings and articles around the GMO movement this week. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms — are becoming more wide spread in our food system and thus, more and more ‘side effects’ of these dangerous foods are coming to the attention of many important folks in the industry. I am a big reader of […]

GMO Info and Labeling

By Sandy | Filed in
GMO Information and Labeling Websites GMO labeling is a very important issue for us today.  Many of the facts are very confusing, so I have listed some of the resources that I have found to be helpful: Articles on Gluten Free Vegan Living Website (this website)! My GMO Pinterest Page with several charts and info […]

Celebrities Support GMO Labeling

By Sandy | Filed in GMO Foods, Special Topics
The GMO Labeling issue is growing in support as many folks and celebrities are getting behind the cause.  I am thrilled as I prefer to have choices so I can make intelligent decisions about the food I eat.  Of course, will all the issues I had before become Gluten Free and Vegan, it only makes […]

GMO Labeling Proposition 37 Defeated in California

By Sandy | Filed in GMO Foods, Special Topics
Upon waking up this morning and finding out that President Obama had won his re-election to the Presidency, I wanted to know if Proposition 37 passed in California. If you were not aware, Prop 37 is the first potential legislation requiring the labeling of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in our foods. The Proposition states: “SECTION […]

GMO and Jule’s Gluten Free Flour

By Sandy | Filed in Gluten Free Baking, GMO Foods
Last week, I posted a survey by fellow blogger, Priscilla Matuson, writer of A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows.  My post on the subject and links to Priscilla’s are here.  According to Priscilla’s survey, Jules was one of the few Gluten Free flour companies that admitted to having GMO ingredients in their products. Needless to […]

GMO in Gluten Free Flour

By Sandy | Filed in GMO Foods
Eating a Gluten Free is no good if you are not eating a HEALTHY Gluten Free Diet.  Eating GMO Gluten Free ingredients is not a healthy diet as there are many questionable effects of GMO foods.  (NOTE:  To find out more about GMO, check out the Non-GMO Project.) A fellow blogger, Priscilla Matuson, writer of […]

GMO and Gluten Free Foods

By Sandy | Filed in GMO Foods, Which Grains are Gluten Free?
I find it very annoying when people say, or worse yet, post on the web, that switching to Gluten Free is the healthiest thing they can do — regardless of what they eat.  There are plenty of bad gluten free foods out there that are far from healthy.   Of course, for us gluten intolerant […]

Best Gluten Free Vegan Posts of 2014

By Sandy | Filed in Special Topics
Okay, now that the holiday’s are over and it is back to business, I would like to share the best gluten free vegan posts of 2014.  These are the posts, recipes, and articles that were read the most in 2014. Here they are …..   Coconut No Bake Snowballs In keeping with our Holiday Cookie […]

Is Gluten Really the Culprit!

By Sandy | Filed in About Wheat & Gluten, Special Topics
Before anyone gets upset with what I am inferring in my title, I want to share some findings with you. With years and years of people eating wheat, many have asked why, all of a sudden, are so many people have serious problems with it.  Some are convinced that wheat is genetically modified (GMO wheat […]