Are Dairy Products Gluten Free?

Great controversy addressing dairy products — are they really gluten free?  As a gluten intolerance person, I am also intolerance to dairy products.  Could this be caused by gluten passing through the cow into their milk?  This video and article talks about the link between gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance.

Is Dairy Gluten Free

Gluten in Dairy Products?

Giving up gluten in the diet can be a challenge for some people.  How would you feel if I said that in order to be TRUE gluten free, you have to give up processed dairy foods?  Cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, sour cream, etc.

Could feeding cattle grain be contributing to this process?

Is gluten found in standard store bought milk? Is gluten the only protein in grain that causes or contributes to poor health in those with gluten sensitivity? Dr. Ford and I answer these questions in this breakthrough interview that you won’t want to miss if you are on a gluten free diet…

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Information in the article gives more reason to embrace a gluten free vegan diet.  No longer a fad — in my opinion — and important way to keep healthy!!



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