Autoimmune Disease and Gluten

Autoimmune disease is running rapid among the general population and has become a serious concern.  According to Dr. Vikki Petersen

1) The increase of autoimmune diseases in our society is on a downright scary trajectory.

2) Autoimmune disease sufferers are told “there is no cure for their disease”.

3) The treatment for autoimmune is, in my opinion, barbaric and exactly the opposite of what treatment should be.

4) Research is, more and more, supporting what I feel is the truth and most important, this new approach opens the door to diminishing why autoimmune diseases have increased so dramatically.

Studies are pointing more and more toward gut health, and gluten in particular, as the culprit!Autoimmune Disease and Gluten

Dr. Petersen goes on to explain:

New Research Points the Finger at Gluten Causing More Than Just Celiac Disease

The journal that published the paper was Hormone Research in Paediatrics. The paper was entitled, “Prolactin May Be Increased in Newly Diagnosed Celiac Children and Adolescents and Decreases after 6 Months of Gluten-Free Diet”.

Following is the  conclusions drawn by Dr. Petersen from the Paper referenced above:

What is now understood about prolactin is that it is a marker for autoimmune disease, something that wasn’t known in the past. But research now supports that a number of autoimmune conditions are associated with elevated prolactin levels—specifically rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

What they set out to prove is that the elevation of prolactin was due to the production of increased inflammatory agents in the blood (called cytokines). These particular agents that can be measured in the blood are seen in celiac patients who are not following a gluten-free diet and are decreased when the patients are following a gluten-free diet.

Interesting article!  I suggest you read it for yourself:

Link between Gluten and Autoimmune Disease Getting Stronger


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