Baking Gluten Free Bread with Maninis Bread Mix

As a ‘lazy cook’, I look for quick easy ways to make my food.  It is no different with gluten free bread baking.

I get frustrated with all the recipes that call for x amount of this flour, y amount of another ….. I would much rather use a mix.  And honestly, I don’t really like to bake very much, so my husband does most of the break baking!

Recently, we found a new bread mix that we both love (although my husband is not totally gluten free, he does restrict the amount of gluten he eats).

Maninis Bread MixManinis Country Oat Bread Mix makes the tastiest and easiest bread I have baked so far.

If you are interested in the ingredients list, here is what is included in the mix:

Flour blend (organic millet, tapioca, certified GF oat, teff, organic sorghum, organic amaranth), corn starch, certified GF oat flakes, organic cane sugar, GF xanthan gum, Atlantic sea salt.

All ingredients are gluten free and no bioengineering has been used to produce this product.

The package makes 7 loaves, so last us a few weeks!



Some of the tips I have learned over the years  about baking gluten free bread:

1. Fluff up flour ahead of time and spoon gently into measuring cups (or you will compress flours).
2. Always use a BLEND of gluten-free flours, each flour offers different flavor and baking properties.
2. Oil (and flour) the bread pans — or do what I do: Line with aluminum foil.
3. You may need to increase baking times compared to gluten breads.
4. Gluten free breads require more liquid — so the dough will be gooey and stickier than gluten bread.
5. One the other hand, breads that sink or are gooey often have too much liquid.
6. Over proofing results in bread rising too high, so might also sink or collapse during baking.
7. Mix all dry ingredients together BEFORE adding any liquid to the mix.
8. Successful Gluten Free baking requires attention to levels of protein, moisture, acid, fat, leavening, and binding!

For more info on gluten free bread baking, check out my mini website:

Gluten Free Bread Baking Tips


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