Black Bean Humus

We are big black bean fans (I suppose that is partly because we are allergic to some of the other beans).  I use black beans in lots of my recipes, but none of my recipes are as famous as my husband’s black bean humus.

When Malcolm makes this recipe for potlucks, it is usually a huge success.  We have learned to print off copies of the recipe before we head out the door — because we get so many requests.

Malcolm’s Famous Black Bean Humus Recipe!

Black Beans

In Vitamix, add:
2/3 cup sesame seeds
½ cup first cold pressed olive oil
2/3 cup lemon (or lime) juice

Start SLOW to prevent splashing, build VERY slowly, up to full speed. (Makes a tahini-like mush, or may substitute ½ cup tahini instead of seeds)

Add Spices:
1 slightly rounded tsp Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt
1 tsp ground cumin
1 T Oregon Spice salsa seasoning (available from or use any taco or salsa seasoning available)

2 cups cooked black beans or 1 can, undrained or may drain and rinse to reduce sodium
2 cups cooked garbanzos (chickpeas) or 1 can, DRAIN and RINSE

3-6 cloves garlic (peeled)
1 large handful (1/3 cup) pitted black olives
½ large or 1 medium onion, peeled (may also use or substitute 6 green onions and/or 4″ of large leek)

Add up to 1 cup water, just enough to turn the Vitamix (only need ½ cup water, if used un-drained black beans)

1 or 2 jalapenos, or ¼ cup canned jalapeno slices, or cayenne to taste

Optional variations, add to taste:
Cilantro, Basil, Green Olives, etc.

Blend well in Vitamix, transfer to container(s), refrigerate – keeps up to 2 weeks.

Great as appetizer! Serve with chips, pita bread, tortillas, bread or crackers!!

Black beans are really good for you!  They are our ‘go to’ bean for most Mexican dishes as well as this humus recipe.

For more black bean humus recipes, check out my mini website:

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