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Gluten Free Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes & Tips

Posted November 23, 2013 By Sandy

Thanksgiving can be a real challenge for Gluten Free Vegans — especially if you are looking for a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving style meal.  But after scouring the internet I have found a few good options for you.

About.com Celiac & Gluten Free expert, Jane Anderson, suggests some of the following tips for a Gluten Free Thanksgiving.

Traditional Gluten-Free Thanksgiving MenuTurkey Bouquet

• Stuffing. You don’t need to mourn your favorite stuffing — it’s actually pretty easy to make gluten-free stuffing, and once you add spices and other ingredients, it’s likely to taste almost exactly the way you remember it. You can use a mix or simply use gluten-free bread crumbs (either packaged or from your own stale bread) in your own traditional recipe — you shouldn’t even need to alter the recipe … Gluten-Free Stuffing for Thanksgiving.

• Cranberry sauce. There’s no reason for cranberry sauce to contain gluten, so this should be an easy item to check off your list — there are multiple options available.

• Mashed potatoes. Like cranberry sauce, there’s no reason for mashed potatoes to contain gluten. (NOTE:  We mix our mash potatoes with Earth Balance and thin with our favorite milk alternative.

• Sweet potatoes. You might find a recipe for candied sweet potatoes that includes flour as an ingredient, but I think it would be more the exception than the rule — the vast majority I’ve seen are naturally gluten-free. Therefore, you can use your old family recipe, or try something new. This recipe from About.com’s Expert on Southern Cooking should be simple to make and elegant to serve.

• Dinner rolls. If you’re trying to make your gluten-free Thanksgiving meal indistinguishable from a traditional, gluten-filled meal, dinner rolls are the one item that may trip you up. However, gluten-free bread products definitely have gotten much better over the past few years, and now there are dinner rolls your guests might mistake for gluten-filled — my guide to gluten-free dinner rolls explains what’s possible. Also, instead of rolls, you might consider deviating a little from the traditional menu and trying a gluten-free cornbread recipe — I like this recipe for gluten-free skillet cornbread.

In addition to her list above, I would add Cashew Mushroom Gravy — our personal favorite!

For a main dish, you might want to try one of the following (will tastes great with the cashew mushroom gravy listed above!):

If you are looking for a good recipe for the traditional pumpkin pie minus the gluten and dairy, check out the following links for Pumpkin Pies:

Or, if you have your own filling and just need a Gluten Free crust, you might want to try one of thesePie Crusts:

We also have lots of different Gluten Free Vegan pies recipes on this website that you might want to check out.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!




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Gluten Free Vegan Barbeque!

Posted June 25, 2012 By Sandy

Barbeque season is in full swing.  But as a Gluten Free Vegan, what do we do for food at a BBQ?

I just run into this problem myself at our annual church Barbeque.  Typically, I bring a large salad (I brought my Coconut Waldorf Salad), so I know I have SOMETHING to eat.  Linda Schaffer offers a few other suggestions in yer article below

What’s a Gluten-Free Vegan to Do at a Barbecue?

By Linden Schaffer
‘Burgers, brats, dogs and & beer, it’s time for our annual 4th of July barbecue. Bring a salad or dessert to share.’ 
Every summer as the school year comes to an end and the outdoor get togethers heat up, my email inbox gets crammed with invitations like the one above. So what’s a girl who has a healthy diet and wouldn’t touch a hot dog with a 10-foot pole to do? Decline the invitation and sacrifice her social life? Hello no! Instead I’ve learned to make my own delicious side dishes that can work as a meal. More often than not, my vegan, gluten-free, healthy dishes are a hit with both adults and kids. In the end, everybody’s happy and they have no idea this yummy tasting food was good for them. Here are three easy to whip up recipes I use in the summer created by my friend Chef Melissa Petitto.
Linda lists three tasty sounding alternatives for Gluten Free Vegan Barbeques:
  • Hummus with Pine Nuts and Parsley
  • Gluten-Free Quinoa Chocolate Chunk Cookies (watch for the eggs — use egg replacer!)


By the way, this article reminds me of a joke:  What are Vegans no fun at Barbecues?  Because their bean keep rolling off the grill and into the fire ….. okay, maybe it is not so funny ….

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Best Gluten Free Vegan Breakfasts

Posted June 4, 2012 By Sandy

Breakfast menus can be a real challenge to Gluten Free Vegans because the traditional American breakfast foods are full of non-vegan and gluten food options.  Personally, I often skip breakfast and go right to my salads late in the morning!

But, if you are looking for some new recipe ideas, the following post has EIGHT different options!

  • Creamy Tahini Rice Pudding
  • Frijoles Colades (Strained Sweetened Beans)
  • Sweet Tofu Cakes
  • Tempeh Hash
  • Rice Flour Pancakes
  • Soy Milk Cottage Cheese
  • Crispy Rice Cookies
  • Gluten-Free Banana Bread

My favorite of the group is the Crispy Rice Cookies:

Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Breakfasts

These gluten-free crispy rice cookies keep well in a covered container and make a good breakfast on-the-run.

Yield: 20 cookies

  • 6 tablespoons tahini
  • 6 tablespoons maple or rice syrup
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ cup coarsely chopped peanuts
  • 1 cup crispy brown rice cereal

Preheat oven to 3500F.

Beat tahini and sweetener together in a mixing bowl until smooth. Stir in remaining ingredients. Using a teaspoonful at a time, shape mixture into balls and place on an oiled baking sheet. Flatten slightly using a fork or your hand.

Bake 12 to 15 minutes, until edges of cookies are golden. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.


Nikki and David Goldberg have written several  books over the span of 40 years and have appeared on TV show such as the Phil Donahue show!  If you are interested in purchasing any of their books, click on the links below:

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The Busy Gluten Free Vegan Recipes

Posted April 11, 2012 By Sandy

Once again, a post from my favorite Gluten Free Vegan blog with a list of Busy Gluten Free Vegan Recipes — perfect for our busy lifestyles …

The Busy Gluten-Free Vegan – Tips For Eating Well

When a reader contacted me to ask for some of my recommendations for recipes that are easy to prepare for a busy, working mother who is also finishing a degree, I dug through my Recipe Archives and shared some of the easiest and tastiest recipes I could find.

I thought I’d share them with you too.

When I was working full-time and taking night classes I found the best way to stay organized and make sure I wasn’t doing too much in the kitchen was with menu planning. I would make a menu of five different meal options and make enough for leftovers for lunches the next day. Even now that I’m just in school and no longer working full-time I rely on menu planning to make sure we get the nutrition we need as well as keep our grocery budget down.

Here is the list of the wonderful recipes she shares with her readers in her post:

  • Homemade Granola
  • Thai Red Curry with Tofu
  • Lentil Cauliflower Madras Curry
  • Massaman Vegetable Curry (Thai)
  • Tofu Veggie Stir fry
  • Black Bean & Mexican Rice Tacos
  • Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
  • Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta
  • Pasta Rustica
  • Creamy Sun dried Tomato, Artichoke & Baby Spinach Penne
  • Quinoa, Red Pepper & Pine Nut Salad
  • Greek Quinoa Salad
  • Southwest Quinoa
  • Curried Quinoa with Almonds and Pineapple
  • Vegetarian Chili
  • Quinoa Red Lentil Stew
  • Baked Beans

PHEW!  But I am sure you will find some great new Gluten Free Vegan meal ideas from among her suggestions.


Please share with us which of the recipes you like best.  Some first hand recommendations would go a long way!!  All of them look wonderful for me …. because I favor Tacos, I think I like Black Bean & Mexican Rice Tacos best.  But then there is Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta which looks wonderful …. and as much as I like Quinoa, I am sure I will like Southwest Quinoa ….

Which are your favorites?




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Lentil Recipes

Posted April 9, 2012 By Sandy

The following post about Lentils and Lentil Recipes is very dear to my heart because I live very near to the Palouse region which is referenced in this article.  The Palouse region encompassing parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho and south into northeast Oregon.  Major cities in this area are Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington.

Lentil Recipes

Photo from Wikipedia

The Palouse is one of the largest growers of lentils (and chickpeas/garbanzo beans) in the United States.  Moscow is about 45 miles north from where I live.  I have always enjoyed driving to Moscow during the spring, summer and fall to watch the farming in the Palouse area between my home and Moscow.  The fields display interesting colors and patterns that I would imagine are spectacular viewing from the air!

Pullman, Washington hosts The National Lentil Festival every August.  The last one I attended featured numerous vendors of crafts, goodies and lentil products.  I especially enjoyed the free lentil chili samples that were giving away at the festival.  If you have never tasted lentils, or just want to learn more about lentils, this is the place to be in August!!

The featured article below contains the following recipes:

  • Shasta Lentil Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
  • Palouse Tabbouleh Salad
  • Mexican Lentils
  • Garbanzo Bean and Zucchini Salad

Influx of lentils:  New deal will bring Palouse-grown legumes to local stores

Lorie Hutson The Spokesman-Review

If wheat is king of the Palouse, then peas and lentils might be considered by some to be the court jester.

Long beloved by many but reviled by others, these humble rotation crops of the Palouse help farmers keep their land producing year after year. Now, a partnership between farmers and distributors is helping bring an array of Palouse-grown legumes to store shelves in the region.

Pacific Northwest Farmers Co-op and Davidson Commodities are working together to market the crops to customers close to home. For many years, the harvests were shipped off to soup and hummus makers. Now, the crops can be found in bulk bins and bags not far from the fields where they were grown


Please note that there are some non-Vegan ingredients in some of the recipes — mostly cheese which can be substituted.

If you are interested in more information about Peas and Lentils, check out the US Dry Pea & Lentil Council


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Sunday Brunch Menu

Posted April 6, 2012 By Sandy

With Easter and Passover just around the corner, I thought I would look up some Gluten Free Vegan Sunday Brunch Menu Recipes. Spring time always makes me hungry for fruit salad and muffins!!

The list of recipes comes from Carolyn Scott’s column in the Huff Post Food section.  Included is a recipe for fruit salad and muffins!  I will satisfy my spring cravings!!

Here is a list of her menu items:

  • Easter Bunny’s Ambrosia Salad
  • Tarragon Tofu Salad in Avocado Baskets
  • Crunchy Banana Muffins
  • East-Over Spring Frittata
  • Grown-Ups’ Fruit Candy Punch

READ FULL POST … and complete recipes

Carolyn Scott has authored an excellent cookbook called the “The Healthy Voyager”.  If you are interested in more of her recipes, click on the link below to order her book:

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Gluten Free Vegan Valentine’s Menu

Posted February 10, 2012 By Sandy

Okay — this is definitely the cat meow for Gluten Free Vegans on Valentine’s Day.  Check out these recipes:

Gluten Free Vegan Valentin'es MenuPretty in Pink (Drink)
Stuck on You Caramelized Walnut Salad
Tipsy Vodka Cream Sauce Pasta
Spice Up Your Night Chocolate Strawberries

You want a romantic evening but you don’t want to deal with reservations. You want to knock your socks off of your Valentine with your mad, slick kitchen skills. Well, this menu will be your chance to shine and get your romance on.

Make sure to let us know how your evening turns out after a menu like this!

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Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Roundup of Recipes

Posted February 9, 2012 By Sandy

WOW — a list of great sounding Gluten Free Vegetarian Recipes!!

  • Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
  • Maple Roasted Yellow Beets and Apples
  • Adzuki Bean and Sea Vegetable Soup
  • Edamame “Egg” Salad
  • Rajasthani Gatta
  • Vegetable and Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini
  • Double Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut Cookies
  • Strawberry Cheezecake with Chocolate Crust

I spend a lot, a lot, of time on the internet looking at recipes. Working on the assumption that you’re here to find gluten-free, vegetarian recipes, I thought I’d share a roundup of recipes that catch my eye each week.


Make sure to watch the recipes as they are not all vegan!!

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Super Bowl Party — Gluten Free Vegan Style

Posted February 4, 2012 By Sandy

I am not a football fan, but I love these gluten free vegetarian recipes. Not all are gluten free — so I linked to the ones that are gluten free.

Super Bowl Party — Gluten Free Vegan Style

Do you know what you’re making for your Super Bowl party this weekend? Well, if you need some ideas, here are some of my Super Bowl party favorites! Enjoy!


Now that your menu items are solved, enjoy the Super Bowl!!

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Vegatarian turned Vegan Shares Recipes

Posted February 3, 2012 By Sandy

Rachaela DiRosaria shares a video and recipe to make Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms. Also find recipes for the following:

  • Blackened Tofu Filets
  • Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Vegan Thin Mints (make sure to substitute with gluten free flour)

Her recipes sound wonderful!!

The 27-year-old was raised vegetarian and went vegan a few years ago. In the process, she created numerous recipes. One of those is for quinoa stuffed mushrooms, which she whips up here. The veggieburger is on the menu at Copper Dog.

Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms

2 portabello stuffed mushroom caps, stems removed

1 cup artichoke hearts, quartered

1/2 cup black olives, sliced

3 garlic cloves

2 tablespoons Italian seasoning

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 teaspoon white pepper

1 cup quinoa

2 cups of water

3 to 4 tablespoons olive oil

2 cups pasta sauce

Fresh basil leaves


Great idea for dinner tonight!

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