Coconut Milk

I LOVE Coconut Milk!  I use various forms of Coconuts and Coconut Milk is several different dishes.  My favorite way is to pour it over Gluten Free cereal and bananas!  No, wait! …. I think I like Coconut Milk better in smoothies …. maybe in the ice cream dish my husband makes ….

I guess I like Coconut Milk anyway I can have it!!

If you are a Coconut Milk lover too, you are going to love our featured post:

How to Use Coconut Milk:

Recipes, Tips, and Best Brands

Alisa Fleming ~ Coconut milk is a wonderful food and a truly amazing ingredient for anyone who is dairy-free or vegan. But, many people wonder how to use coconut milk? I recently posted about a great deal on Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk (I bought two orders right away!), and a reader asked this question. That very evening, a friend asked me how to use coconut milk when she spotted a few unpacked cans on my counter. I knew it was time to demystify the powers of coconut milk!

Types of Coconut Milk

First, the three basic types of coconut milk on the market:

Full-Fat Canned Coconut Milk …

Light Canned Coconut Milk …

Coconut Milk Beverage …


This writer finishes her article with a list of sweet and savory dishes using coconut milk.  I think I will go try some now ….


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