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PS I am NOT trained in the medical field!

These recipes and articles and other resources were written and/or provided by persons (including me) who eat gluten-free and/or vegan or have relatives – which may include children – with gluten, dairy or egg allergies. As a result, these recipes are a collection of experiences and prejudices of individuals who discovered recipes that work without side effects FOR THEM! Your results may be different.


GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com is a website providing information resources that include recipes and information dealing in the preparation of food, and allows submissions by, or pulls information from, various sources, including industry professionals, as well as private consumers. GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com and its owners, writers, and contributors provide NO warranty, implied or otherwise, towards the content of recipes submitted by or taken from, any visitor, website, or other entity. As such, it is the reader’s sole responsibility to determine the value and quality of any and all recipes, food cooking directions, or food preparation instructions provided, and to determine the nutritional value, if any, as well as the safety of any recipe ingredients, and safety of food prepared with instructions, found on any page of GlutenFreeLiving.com.

Recipes taken from our site and prepared are done so “at your own risk”. GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com, including its owners, writers, and contributors, are not responsible for any damage, medically or otherwise, or any medical condition, resulting from the preparation of food using the instructions or recipes provided on this website.

Use of Recipes Found on the Website

You may, for personal use only, copy or print single recipes from our websites. You may not copy sections of this website nor entire collections of recipes from GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com. Much of this website is copyright protected. You may share reasonable numbers of recipes in emails or on websites as long as credit is given to any and all authors and a link (either clickable or text) to the recipe on our site, or a link to our homepage. You may not sell or charge for access to any recipes from this website, either singly or in collections.


GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com often summarizes or “curates” information, including basic vegan and/or gluten-free recipes, from other websites under the terms of legal “fair use”, and always with ATTRIBUTION as to the source of the information, including a link. This “fair use” takes into account copyright laws, the propensity of linked pages to go offline, and the value to our own readers and customers. In all cases, we encourage readers of information and recipes on GlutenFreeVeganLiving.com to explore the links we provide to websites, web pages, and other sources of origin, for additional information.

If any website owner or information resource provider objects at any time to our promotion of their website or information in this manner, we are happy to immediately remove your information, referral, and link from our web property.




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