Fajitas — Gluten Free Vegan Style

Fajitas are one of my favorite Mexican dishes (who am I kidding, MEXICAN style food is ALWAYS my favorite dishes!!)  Mexican food is so easy to adjust to Gluten Free Vegan Style …. and I love the Mexican flavors:  avocados, tomatoes, chilli peppers (not too strong, please!), black olves and black beans ….. and now that Gluten Free tortillas are available, I am in heaven!!

My husband and I have a Mexican dish at least once a week.  This week I fixed Fajitas.  Here is my quick and easy recipe:


Of course, there are many variation to this recipe.  Other options are:

  • Jalapeno or habenero peppers is you like your Fajitas hot
  • A mix of red, green and/or yellow bell peppers
  • Corn or beans to the veggies
  • Top with olives and avocado slices
  • Add vegan cheese and/or sour cream

My favorite Gluten Free ‘flour’ tortillas are made by Rudi, but any GF tortilla will work including listed below.  (Also, some seasoning suggestion as well):


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  1. Ping from Gluten Free Vegan Journey:

    Sandy these look amazing! I am going to try this right away! Thank you!

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