First Steps for Switch to a Vegan Diet

With the New Year upon us, many of us are making changes to the way we eat, work, and play.  I hate to use that R word (you know, resolutions!), but the down time of winter does make me think of things I like to change or explore.

Even though I changed my diet over three years ago, (if you want to read me story, check it out Girl Studyinghere:  My Story) I am still looking at ways to improve what I am already doing.  First Steps for Switching to a Vegan Diet seemed to fit the direction I am going.

I found this post, Vegan How To: Part 1 (How To Make The Transition), on the Oh She Glows website.  Angela makes some very good points about changing your pantry, packing food and getting support from friends and/or family.

Here are some of the points she makes:

How I made the transition to a vegan diet:

1. Slow and Steady

2. Stock your pantry

3. Be your own teacher

4. Focus on what you add, not take away

5. Don’t expect perfection

6. Get support

7. Pack food

Taking time is very important in the beginning because change is not always easy.  I needed to explore the different options I had before I could make some good choices for me.

I, too, restocked my entire panty.  In fact, I wrote a series of posts on My Pantry to share what I keep on hand to make sure I have the food I need.

Learning to prepare new foods can be a long process, but after my 3 years, I feel very confident in making good nutritious and balanced Vegan and Gluten Free foods.

Focusing on what you add, rather than take away is very good advice.  In my case, I was intolerant to so many foods I felt like I just wanted to give up.  I slowly learned to look at what I COULD eat instead and endless possibilities opened up for me.

And yes, don’t expect perfection right from the beginning.  Changes take time …. and the dog or compost pile may receive more than their fair share at the beginning!!  Take heart as it will get better!

Support is really helpful.  A new health food store opened in the town I live about the same time that I discovered my intolerances.  The gal that ran the store spend several months giving demonstrations and teaching on how to prepare and cook Gluten Free Vegan meals.  She was a god-send!  I still go to her when I have a question about a recipe or certain way to cook a food.

Last, but not least, make it a point to pack your own food when you go out.  Nothing is worse than sitting at a potluck or friends home only to find that you cannot eat anything offered!  I find that packing a salad is pretty easy.  I also keep a supply of Amy’s soups around to take with me if I am out and about.  Humus and chips are another good easy snack.  Use your imagine!!

If you are new to the Gluten Free Vegan diet, don’t hesitate to comment about your issues with your new diet.  Or if you like, like my Facebook Page, and we can chat there as well!

I am committed to helping you through this change!


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