Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad

I use to get angry when writers talked about Gluten Free (and Vegan for that matter) diets as being the latest new diet!!  Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad for me — and I am sure that is true for lots of you!!

Being Gluten Free and (nearly) Vegan for over three years, I have learned to live without wheat, dairy and egg products.  This was not a decision based on a choice to follow a fad!  I was generally ill from these foods.  (NOTE:  If you are interested in reading about my Gluten induced Alzheimers, click here!)  But even now, I crave pizza, ice cream drumsticks, and scrambled eggs …. and, I am sorry, but the substitutes are just not the same!!

So, this is where my angry comes into play when I read about the new Gluten Free fad diet!!  If I had a choice, I would probably be eating pizza, ice cream drumsticks, and scrambled eggs!!  But I chose to be healthy and have my brains working correctly rather than enjoy these foods. 🙂

On the other hand, there is some good to this fad diet craze:  More and more stores and outlets are offering Gluten Free Vegan options.  Even since I first went Gluten Free Vegan three years ago, there are lots more options available.  I use to be afraid to go out to eat, but now I know that MOST Mexican dishes are safe (when I tell them to hold the cheese and dairy), and if I am careful, Chinese food works.  There are a few restaurants, like the Red Lobster,  where I can ask specially for help with my restrictions and someone is there to help!  And buffet style restaurants are wonderful as I can find Gluten Free Vegan dishes and my meat-eating husband can find something he likes!!

In conclusion, I have now learned to appreciate my fad diet friends because without them, I would not have all the Gluten Free Vegan options that I now enjoy!!

PS:  This post was inspired by the following article:  Going Gluten Free:  Is it Worth the Effort?


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