Gluten Free Ketchup, Mustard and Vinegar

Last post we talked about Gluten Free Vegan salad dressings.  Today, I would like to share on Gluten Free Ketchup and Mustard.   Probably the most beloved condiments for meat eaters, ketchup and mustard can be a challenge for Gluten Free Vegans!

Ketchup made with certain vinegars ARE NOT Gluten Free.  If you are very sensitive, you may react to distilled vinegar that’s made from gluten grains. The following vinegars may cause a problem:Ketchup 1

  • Malt vinegar — which is made from barley — should always be avoided
  • Distilled white vinegar — CAN be made using gluten grains, so be cautious
  • Flavored vinegars — can also be made using gluten grains

(NOTE:  More info on vinegars here:  Is Vinegar Gluten-Free?

Jane Anderson, from has done a thorough listing of major ketchups, listing the possibility of offending vinegars and cross contamination issues in her article:  Gluten-Free Ketchup.  Using her research, sensitive Gluten Free Vegans should probably avoid the following ketchups:

  • Hunt’s Ketchup
  • Muir Glen Ketchup

If you would like to make your own ketchup, here is a good and easy recipe from


Mustards can contain the same offending vinegars as ketchup.  Unfortunately, companies who make mustards (and ketchups) are not required to list the source of vinegar in condiments, even if that source is wheat!

Once again, Jane Anderson from has written an article summarizing her research on the Mustard 1major mustard brands available in the marketplace.  Based on her research listed in her article, Gluten-Free Mustards, sensitive Gluten Free Vegans should avoid he following mustards:

  • French’s
  • Grey Poupon
  • Gulden’s

If you would like to make your own Gluten Free Mustard, following is a recipe from My Healthy Green Family




  1. Ping from marieroxannehd:

    Thank you for these two recipes! It’s too bad they don;t last long, I don’t use a whole cup of mustard in one month and ketchup very rarely, so 4 cups is too much. Do you think if I half the recipe it’ll be the same? And if that’s still too much half it again?

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