Gluten Free Restaurant Chains

Have you had problems finding a plan to eat when you are out or travelGluten Free Restaurant Chainsing? Eating out can be a challenge for Gluten Free Vegans.  Carolyn Scott, Executive producer, creator, host, writer, ‘The Healthy Voyager” has compiled a list of 36 (yes, that is thirty-six) restaurant chains that will oblige Gluten Free Vegans.

How to Order Vegan, Gluten Free Or Healthier Options at National Restaurant Chains

Expanding on last week’s post on healthier fast food finds, I’ve compiled a list of popular restaurant chains that can be found nationwide. You never know when you are heading out for a meal with a group and need to do the best you can with the menu you are given. No matter where you may be in the U.S. (and Canada), you should have no problem finding a decent meal at any of the places on the list below.


I love Carolyn for taking the time to check out these great restaurants for Gluten Free (and Vegan) menu options.  Personally, I get rather tired of constantly packing food whenever we travel.

One tip we use that works really well is to check out any buffet style restaurants.  Most of them have a large veggie/salad bar that always works well for me.  And if you ask, they are really helpful in telling you which dishes are gluten free or not.

One of our favorite buffet restaurant is Gold Corral.  My carnivore husband loves the large meat entrees, and of course, I find their veggie and salad bar just wonderful!  There are so many dishes to chose from …. even for me!  And occasionally, I find a dessert I can even eat (although, I frequently eat fruit for dessert)!

Other good choices are Mexican restaurants.  Most will fix vegan options using corn tortillas — but I have found that you need to be careful when making your requests because lots of the waiter cannot fully understand English as well as the rest of us.

Our third choice for restaurants is Chinese buffets.  I need to be more careful in these restaurants as their is hidden gluten in some of their dishes. Rice is nearly always safe and they have lots of veggie based entrees as well.

So … where do you go to eat where you are out?  Have you found a restaurant that caters to Gluten Free Vegans that you would like to share with us?

By the way, if you are interested in Carolyn’s book, The Healthy Voyager, click the link below:



  1. Comment by Shelly:

    I find Thai restaurants to be the gluten-free, vegan friendliest! All I have been to will readily substitute tofu for meat in any dish, rice noodles are the norm, all I have to do is carry my Bragg or a GF soy sauce with me, and order vegan of course (no egg, fish sauce, etc)

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