Gluten Free Travel

Gluten Free Travel can be challenging.  Where can you eat safely?  WHAT can you eat safely?

Amie Valpone gives us some great ideas on how to deal with this issue in her article in the Huff Post Food!  Her best advice is to bring your own food!  Don’t know if that is the answer you were expecting, but it is the best answer.

When we travel (mostly by car), I ALWAYS bring a few things with me.  Sometimes, packing a lunch or two is so much easier than trying to explain to friends, family or restaurants what you can or cannot eat!

How to Travel Naturally Gluten-Free

We all know how tough it can be to eat healthy while traveling. Add a food allergy or intolerance to your trip and it gets even tougher. Aside from the endless packing and lingering jet lag, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy snacks. Am I right? …..

… Take a corn tortilla, such as those from La Tortilla, and spread on a dollop of hummus, avocado slices, a handful of cooked lentils, Barlean’s ground flax seeds and fresh arugula. Wrap it like a burrito and wrap in tin foil for an easy snack or meal option….


Gluten Free TravelWe often eat out at Mexican Restaurants when we are traveling.  They have lots of dishes that are Gluten Free and with just a few suggestions, they can also make them Vegan.  Mexican Restaurants are one of the few places I feel ‘safe’ as there are so many options and most dishes can be ordered with corn tortillas.  Our local Mexican Restaurant makes a wonderful vegan Fajita that I would think you could order in any similar restaurant.  And of course, I bring lots of my own food and snacks just in case ….

How do you deal with Gluten Free Vegan Travel?


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