Gluten-Free Vegan Dining in Seattle

Are you planning a visit to Seattle?  Looking for great places to find Gluten Free Vegan Dining in Seattle?  Rhean, author of the Northwest Herbivore, gives us a wonderful list of places and food to eat in Seattle.  She even includes pictures and a map of each location!!

Gluten Free Vegan DinningI was a bit spell bound while reading and viewing some of the food she experienced during her tour.

A few of the Gluten Free Vegan restaurants (or those with Gluten Free Vegan options) she visited at during her tour:

  • Pizza Pi where she sampled some gluten free bread stick with a tray of four vegan sauces.  The Vegan pizza pictured looks really healthy and delicious!
  • Travelers Thali House where she shared of a tray of interesting Thai food.
  • Wayward where she pictures a yummy ‘bacon’ lettuce and tomato Gluten Free Vegan club sandwich.  Her companions ordered Gluten Free Sampler and a Gluten Free Veggie omelet.
  •  Chaco Canyon was a bakery that offered so many Gluten Free choices that she had trouble deciding which ones to try!  Gluten Free heaven!!

I personally loved the Raw Broccoli salad she pictured from the Flying Apron :

Raw broccoli (of which I’m not usually a fan, but gladly make an exception here), cabbage, and carrots with plenty of cashews and raisins in a lightly sweet, creamy dressing. Holy cow. Don’t miss this if you go.


Rhea filled us in with numerous choices for Gluten Free Vegan dining.  Living in rural Idaho, I was jealous of all the options available in Seattle.  May just have to go for a visit there sometime — if for no other reason, to enjoy the worry free food!!

Thanks Rhea!!



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