Gluten Intolerance, Celiac and Genetic Testing

I can always count on Living Without magazine to keep me updated on some of the new developments and information on Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease.  Information in the medical field is often changing faster than we can keep up — especially with Gluten issues.

The article posted today by Living Without is Searching for Answers – Celiac and Gluten SensitivitiesCeliac or gluten sensitive? What you should know about genetic testing. Author, Christine Boyd, begins the article with a story about a 10-year old girl named Abby who obviously is dealing with gluten issues.  After eliminating gluten from her diet, she developed what the doctors called a ‘diagnostic dilemma’ because some of her symptoms still persisted and the endoscopy procedure (biopsy they use to check her intestines for damage from gluten) came up negative!  The family opted for one more procedure which checked for genetic predisposition to the disease or intolerance.

Abby’s genetic testing came out positive, so they resumed the gluten free diet.  But what I found interesting is … ”

Although the positive read didn’t mean the diet was necessary for her, it seemed prudent to give it a second try. In addition, she cut out soy and dairy at the suggestion of her gastroenterologist.

Eliminating dairy made a huge difference. “It may be the reason why Abby didn’t feel 100 percent better the first time she went gluten free,” Williamson speculates. “We still don’t have a formal diagnosis. As best as we can tell, she is sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy.”

READ MORE … Including details about genetic testing for gluten intolerance.

I found the article especially interesting because not only am I allergic to wheat and gluten, but my tests also showed an intolerance to dairy, eggs and possible soy.

Thankfully, the testing I had done in 2009 was less expensive than the testing that Abby took.  My naturopathic ordered a couple blood tests (one checking for allergies) and a saliva test.  He received the genetic test results first and warned me that I might be gluten intolerant.  When my allergy tests came back, there was no doubt that I needed to eliminate several foods from my diet.

What I find interesting is that most of my friends who are gluten intolerant also have a problem with one or more of the following:  dairy, eggs, and soy!  Personally, I believe there is a link with these foods and gluten.

Also, as part of my diagnoses, the long years of eating gluten had caused my thyroid to malfunction (I take Amour Thyroid) and raised my cholesterol to a rather high level.  Those levels have improved over the last couple years, but I think they are another indicator of gluten issues.

For my readers that have gone through lots of testing, what have you found?  Are you also intolerant of dairy, eggs or soy products?  Or how about thyroid or cholesterol issues.  Do you deal with any of those?  It would be interesting to know!


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