Jules Shepard Starting New Company

Yesterday, I received this note from Jules Shepard, formally from Jules Gluten Free:

 I’ve resigned from Jules Gluten Free

The Sad

·      Products on the Jules Gluten Free web site, even though they still feature the recognizable Jules Gluten Free logo, have been renamed on the site “JGF,” to replace the “Jules Gluten Free” name. These products are being sold without my endorsement and against my express wishes. PLEASE NOTE: I have no say in, or control over, the ingredients, mixing, certification or any other production-related aspect of these “JGF” branded products.

The Good News:

·         In a few short weeks, I’ll be selling my EXACT SAME FLOUR & MIXES…but with a new name, logo and from a new web site.


Where I’m going:

·         I’m not “going” anywhere–I’m just changing addresses so to speak. My commitment is firmly in place: to develop and offer the best products, resources and support.

·         I’m furiously building a website. It’s just a 1-page placeholder right now, but will be the site where I will offer my flour, mixes, recipes and more in a few short weeks. Please pay it a quick visit so you can bookmark it. The site is JulesShepard.com

·         I’ll still be moderating my Facebook page and Twitter pages — so you can stay in touch with me there, too.

Some details:

Management disagreements have brought us here. And “here” isn’t a happy place.

The Jules Gluten Free website has been given an inelegant facelift. My photo is gone, the “About Jules” section is gone. Mysteriously, the “Gluten Free” under the “Jules” of the Jules Gluten Free logo has been stripped away, too.

·         Others in the company made these changes without asking or informing me.

·         My requests for the business rationale behind these actions that are confusing customers have gone unanswered.


There are many more details. But I’m focusing on the next 3 weeks, when I will be able to introduce a new look to my exact same flour and mixes (and some new ones), on a new web site with new functionality, and a better shopping and recipe-searching experience (on computers AND mobile devices). Please focus on that future, too! I’ve always been there for this GF community I’ve so blessed to be a part of! And I’m as committed as ever to doing what’s best for it. Please bear with me during this (short) transition period. And stay tuned. No one can keep a good girl down, can they?

After receiving this email, I contacted Jules and this is what she told me:

(Please) … point people to my new site at JulesShepard.com to sign up so they won’t miss any info on my new company and they’ll start getting my weekly recipe newsletter again. I don’t want to dredge up nastiness and go back and forth with my old company. I’m looking forward and ready to put all that negativity behind me. I’m truly excited about the opportunity to start afresh and help others in our community the way I know best, without being held back by others in my company.

Make sure to check out Jules new website, JulesShepard.com and sign up for her newsletter to keep in touch with her during this transition!


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