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If my last post on Raw Food perked your interest, here is another article on the benefits of Raw and Living Food.  Alissa Cohen, who is interviewed in this article, is a cookbook author and has opened a gourmet raw food restaurant in Boston.  Her Grezzo (which means raw in Italian) Restaurant features 100 percent raw, organic vegan dishes.

Will raw food help you feel better?

Cohen has followed the raw food diet for more than 20 years. “People do it to lose weight and then realize how amazing they feel,” Cohen said.

Many are interested in the lifestyle and diet because of weight loss claims and other health benefits.

Cohen, 40, who has written “Living On Raw Food” and created a DVD on the topic, said many people have the wrong idea of what the diet entails, thinking raw foodists eat raw meat and cold food. But the diet includes unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts and dried fruit.

“I’m not eating things cold out of the refrigerator,” Cohen said. “I make almost every food that I eat, before but it is just not cooked.”

Cohen’s Web site includes a few sample recipes. The living pizza is said to be “better than the real thing.”


If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Cohen’s book, click the link below:


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