My Pantry — Nuts and Seeds

Another segment of My Pantry is set aside for Nuts and Seeds — some of the most nutritious food on the planet!  Nuts and Seeds are important to a Gluten Free Vegan Pantry as they are so useful and versatile  in recipes.

Here is a list of the Nuts and Seeds I keep in My Pantry:

  • Pecans or Walnuts — Are the staple of nuts as they can be used in baking, numerous salads and dishes.  Can be made into nut milks by mixing with water and ground in a VitMix or blender. (Keep in refrigerator)
  • Cashews — Are the base for vegan gravies and a great addition to Chinese style dishes.
  • Peanuts — Mostly for snacking or adding to snack foods such as granola and trail mix.

This is the list of the main nuts we use, but there are lots more.  We use to keep Almonds in our pantry until we found out that we were allergic to them.  Other nuts that are good to keep on hand are hazelnuts and brazil nuts.


  • Pumpkin Seeds — One of our favorites for adding to salads, granola or just for snacking.
  • Chia Seeds — I used these mostly in my smoothies.  Chia also work great when you are looking for a ‘gel’ or egg substitute.
  • Flaxseeds — I am allergic to flax, but my husband adds these to smoothies (rather than Chia, like me!).  Ground flax seeds also make a great egg substitute (should be refrigerated).
  • Sesame Seeds — Use these mostly for making tahini for our hummus (must be keep in the refrigerator)
  • Sprouting Seeds — there are lots of different kinds of seeds you can sprout, but we normally keep broccoli and clover seeds on hand for sprouting and adding to salads and stir-fry dishes.

We use to keep lots of sunflower seeds in our pantry, but unfortunately, both Malcolm and I are allergic to them!

Click here, iff you are interested in more info on Edible Seeds.

We buy our nuts and seeds in bulk — they are much cheaper per pound when you buy in bulk.  We keep small amounts in containers, and freeze the rest.  Nuts and seeds that should never be left at room temperature are noted above.  If you have shelf space in your refrigerator, I suggest keeping all you nuts and seed stored there.

What are your favorite nuts or seeds to keep in your pantry/refrigerator?



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