How to Replace Gluten, Dairy and Eggs!

Discover the Best and EASIEST Methods
to Replace Gluten, Dairy and Eggs
in Your Diet!!

Once you learn these methods, you will also learn how to make:

  • Homemade non-dairy milk
  • Mega healthy butter blends & spreads
  • Whipped cream, heavy cream and sour cream
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Cream cheese
  • And many more recipes to make your diet gluten, dairy and egg free

Greetings from Sandy,

If you have not read my articles or blog, let me introduce you to the Gluten Free Vegan Living life Gluten Free Vegan Substitutesstyle.  I became gluten free and (mostly) vegan nearly 4 years ago after I was finally diagnosed with food intolerances.   Before that time, I was treated for early stages of Alzheimers!!  Finally, after finding a good doctor who understood my symptoms and health issues, I am slowly recovering.

NOTE:  If you are interested in reading my complete story, check it out here:  Living with Gluten and Dairy Intolerances!

So why did I put this ebook together?  After much researching, I found tips here and there on good substitutions, but could not find a complete list with recipes. ….. So I wrote this one!

Along with all the tips and recipes, included in the ebook are two CHEAT SHEETS :

  • Replacing Dairy in Your Diet Cheat Sheet
  • Replacing Egg in Your Diet Cheat Sheet

At the back of the book is a list of recommended books to help you further in your substitutions.  Included is the recipe for Black Forest Ice Cream, Chocolate Nut Bites and more!!



So what is the investment in the Gluten Free Vegan Substitutes:  How to Replace Gluten, Dairy and Eggs in Your Diet?

It was suggested that I charge $27.  But I know how hard it is for folks with food allergies to find good information.

Since this is brand new, I am going to offer the first 100 people who buy my ebook on Gluten Free Vegan Substitutes an INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT:  ONLY $8.97.


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