New Magazine: Simply Gluten Free

Love it, love it, love it …. when someone who lives their beliefs comes out with their own magazine!  That is exactly what Food blogger and TV chef Carol Kicinski is planning to do.

Introducing her New Magazine:  Simply Gluten Free.

Simply Gluten Free magazine is featuring tips and recipes for those of us who are Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Dairy Free ….

“It’s actually a bit revolutionary,” Carol said. “It’s a magazine for people with food sensitivities, by people with food sensitivities.”

The first November-December issue of the bi-monthly magazine will be released soon. The response, both from the public and the advertisers has been amazing, said Thom, who’s acting as executive publisher.

Carol started out just like the rest of us with a wheat intolerance, diagnosed more than 20 years ago.  With little resources available to her at that time, she began experimenting in her kitchen, coming up with some great recipes.  She started a blog, published some cookbooks, appeared on TV and even came up with her own Gluten Free flour mixture:   Carol’s All-Purpose Pastry Flour.  Her next step is the new magazine.


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If you are interested in Carol’s cookbooks, click on the link(s) below:


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