Quinoa Nutritional Facts

Quinoa is the best grain on the planet … at least I think so!  There are many benefits — beyond the Gluten Free or Vegan dieters — to eating Quinoa.  The author of the article below outlines some of the myths surrounding Quinoa and sheds some light on this unique grain (that is just not for Gluten Free Vegans, by the way!!).

Quinoa may be hard to find, but health benefits worth it for vegetarians, meat-eaters

Since this “ancient grain” is somewhat of a mystery, I felt it was important to talk to nutritionists and debunk some of the myths surrounding it.

Quinoa Nutritional Facts

Quinoa can be eaten in many forms: True

When turned into flour, quinoa can be used to make foods like pancakes, muffins and pastas. Because it is gluten free, bread made from quinoa is also gaining popularity.

Not only that, but the food is so versatile that there are many different ways to prepare and serve it.

“It’s usually good with a sauce or incorporated into other dishes such as a stew or a soup,” Kuzmanova said. “The easiest way to prepare it is by soaking it in water and then boiling it. That way, you can either eat it plain or add it to other dishes.”

In South America, it was served as a cereal because of its nutty flavor and crunchy texture.

It can also be prepared just like rice and served as a rice substitute.


Quinoa comes in different forms than just the standard cream color, like the picture above.  Personally, I like the Red Quinoa the best.

If you cannot find Quinoa locally, you can find it here:


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