Quinoa is one of my favorite grains.  It is so versatile — you can use it in breakfast, lunch and dinner Quinoadishes.  Quinoa is higher in protein and other important nutrients than most grains.  And most important, it tastes good!

But, not everyone agrees with me!  Following is an except of an article written by Abby Laub who is a freelance writer.  She has a different spin on Quinoa and Vegan and Vegetarians in general ….

Quinoa Is Not Chicken

Why vegetarian and vegan diets should be approached with caution

Lexington, KY – I hear a lot of people raving about quinoa. It’s gluten free. It’s a complete protein source. It’s low-fat. Health fanatics, particularly vegetarians and vegans, love this grain-like crop. It sounded like soy or black beans –– another way to fill the void of meat from a diet.

At the same time, after working on a series of health stories relating to diets, I had countless conversations with people who were either recovering vegetarians; vegans or vegetarians who were always at the doctor; and vegetarians who struggled to meet simple fitness goals due to a lack of strength.


I felt some important facts were missing from the article.  The most important was that the author was drawing conclusions ONLY from her experience.  In my honest opinion, not everyone’s body is suited for vegan eating.  If you follow the The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry, some people do better with less meat protein and more veggies and grain while others are the opposite (my house is a perfect example as I thrive on a more vegan style diet while my husband is a definite carnivore!).  If I even try to eat a bunch of meat, I fill bloated, fight with acid reflex ….. and I am allergic to eggs and dairy!

Because I eat very little meat and no dairy or eggs, I take B12 vitamins everyday.  My iron level is high, so I don’t take iron pills — because I don’t need them (even though I am vegan!).

After reading the article, what are your thoughts?


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