Recovering from Gluten Poisoning

Have you ever accidentally poisoned yourself by eating gluten?  Thankfully, I have only done that once.  I was at a church potluck and tried a dish that had gluten in it …. and, of course, I didn’t know it until I started getting stomach cramps, diarrhea and all those other nasty symptoms!

So what can we do to recover from gluten poisoning?  At the time, I took several digestive enzyme pills (that I have on hand all the time) and just waited it out.  But there are some things that are Sick 2helpful.

Jane Anderson, one of my favorite ‘go-to’ resource for gluten issues offers some helpful tips:

Recovering From an Accidental Glutening

1. Get Plenty of Rest:  Gluten exposure leads to a dreary combination of fatigue and insomnia in many people. It’s tough to feel normal when you can’t sleep at night, and want only to sleep during the day.  The solution? Get as much rest as you possibly can, whenever you can grab it.

2. Avoid Difficult Tasks:  Many of us suffer from brain fog when we are exposed to gluten, leading to fuzzy-headedness, absent-mindedness and sometimes outright confusion.  Needless to say, that’s not a good recipe for tasks that involve heavy lifting, quick thinking or deep analysis.

3. Skip Lactose-Containing Foods: If you’ve been heavily exposed, you may temporarily become lactose intolerant. That’s because we digest dairy proteins with the very tips of our intestinal villi, and gluten ingestion can damage those villi.

4. Revert To Whole Foods:  Now is not the time to try a new type of “gluten-free”-labeled product or to challenge your digestion with something radical. Your best bet to a speedy recovery is to revert to eating a whole foods diet made up of foods you know don’t bother you.

5. Don’t Take Chances:  That means skipping restaurant meals, bringing your own food to friends’ houses, and sidelining any temptations you feel to indulge in something you know may be questionable.


Sometimes, it is good to remember that the symptoms are only temporary.  Seems to me, the stomach/intestine issues were over in about 30 hours.  The brain fog took a bit longer, but I recovered from the worst of that as well.

What do you do when you are gluten poisoned?  Did it work well for you?  Please share with us!!


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