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Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes — My Favorite Recipe

I have tried lots of Gluten Free Vegan Pancake recipes.  Some were interesting and some …. well, let’s just say, I never made them again. Over the years, I have taken several different recipes and combined them together to make my own recipe.  Taking bits and pieces of each recipe to suit it to my […]


Fruity Gluten Free Pancakes

Pancakes are a special favorite of mine.  I love to try different types and recipes — Gluten Free Vegan, of course!  I found this Fruity Gluten Free Pancake recipe on One Green Planet’s website and immediately fell in love with it. In my standard recipe, I use lots of applesauce and do not add any […]


Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

Next to pancakes, Gluten Free Waffles are probably one of the number one favorite breakfast … or dinner meals!  Waffles, hot off the griddle, with that wonderfully crisp texture … smothered in syrup (coconut nectar syrup, of course!) …. And this recipe is vegan as well!!  Personally, I would use coconut or hazelnut milk, but […]


Macadamia Nut Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are breakfast comfort foods!  Put a twist on this with the following Macadamia Nut Pancake Recipe — Gluten Free and Vegan!  Added bonus is the bananas in this recipe.  Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes are so much more nutritious for you than the ‘white flour’ counterpart.   So many more wonderful ingredients.  See for yourself: […]


Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes

Nothing sounds better for breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter!) than Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes!  The author gives detailed instruction on making the homemade almond milk — but did not include the instructions for the pancakes.  So, I guess we are on our own …. but I think, maybe, we can figure it […]