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Gluten and Female Issues

Gluten issues, celiac disease or even gluten intolerance can cause “female issues”. In my life, I was a ‘late bloomer’ and later on, experienced several miscarriages.¬† At the time, I did not know what was happening to me, but now I know that gluten ‘poisoning’ probably had lots to do with it! According to Jane […]


Gluten Free Diet

Good information from Canada for folks wanting to understand more about celiac disease and living gluten free. Mississauga – February 2, 2012 – The gluten–free diet is not only for people with Celiac disease, but also for people looking to lose weight. As many as 300000 Canadians could have Celiac’s disease, however, many remain undiagnosed, […]


Government Regulation on Gluten Free Restaurants?

More and more awareness about gluten intolerances and celiac disease more impose government regulations on restaurants serving gluten free food option. On January 29, 2012 Dr. Siegal and Dr. Samadi discussed gluten free foods, celiac disease and gluten intolerance on Fox News. During the broadcast Dr. Siegal stated that what is needed is that customers […]


Celiac Awareness Tour Coming

Celiac Awareness tour is coming to towns in eastern US. Along with the tour, which starts in Pittsburg, this article talks about the many companies whose products are now targeting the fast growing gluten free group.¬†Jules Shephard, who runs JulesGlutenFree.com and Naomi Poe of Better Batter (betterbatter.org)are two of the speakers at the event. The […]


Celiac or Gluten Intolerance?

If you have followed the gluten intolerance or celiac disease controversy, you probably know that doctors and nutritionist are not in agreement about this issue. Often, if there is not a concrete test or positive proof of a disease, doctors often dismiss the symptoms as psychosomatic … or something worse! I was lucky to have […]