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GMO in the News

Lots of happenings and articles around the GMO movement this week.

GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms — are becoming more wide spread in our food system and thus, more and more ‘side effects’ of these dangerous foods are coming to the attention of many important folks in the industry.

I am a big reader of Natural Society newsletters and website.  They have collected several 538414_401942659892178_631760898_nstories that I would like to share with you today.  But before I do, you might want to know why GMO has to do with Gluten Free Vegans.

Most of us care about what we eat.  We have dealt with the side effects of eating foods that we may be intolerant to — like gluten and/or dairy products.  Many of us turn to alternative foods such as corn and soy.  But guess what, corn and soy are the biggest GMO crops grown now — and if the trend continues, we may never have NON-GMO corn or soy again!!  So we ALL need to pay attention to what is happening to our food supply.

Now, for the articles:

The Necessary GMO Ban – Labeling GMOs Won’t Stall Monsanto

… As long as GMOs continue to be planted and utilized, the whole food chain is endangered. Enacting GMO Labeling implies co-existence with GMO and non-GMO crops. Monsanto convinces Whole Foods executives and other food distributors and merchants that GMO, non-GMO, and organic crops can share the turf – but this isn’t true.

The biotech people know this is a lie. If you view the videos sourced below, you’ll hear it from farmers who know from experience that co-existence is impossible, even with so-called buffer zones(an area between the two crop fields, in this case). Monsanto is a bully that lies, cheats, steals, and unmercifully harasses farmers and anti-GMO activists.

The articles goes on to explain how we need to take a stand and support our organic farmers against Monsanto, who has been refered to as the ‘Anti-Christ’ of food production.  Monsanto has suited numerous independent farmers for either cross-contaminating their crops or for using their own organic seeds! (Check out an article here on the subject !  More in the next post.).  We, as consumers, need to support these farmers to continue growing organic produce without Monsanto’s interference.  (Make sure to check out the website for links to interviews with various farmers).

Hundreds Protest Demanding Monsanto End Intimidation Campaign Over GMOs and Obama Halt Approval of GE Foods

… Thirty-one family farmers, plaintiffs in the landmark lawsuit OSGATA et al v. Monsanto, traveled to Washington, D.C. from across America to attend the U.S. Appeals Court hearing and protest to demand the right to farm without the threat of harassment by the world’s largest biotech seed company. Monsanto has sued or settled in court with more than 844 family farms since 1997 over “patent infringement” after their seeds naturally spread to nearby farms.

The article says that 300 people marched on the White House, protesting Monsanto’s intimidation as well as asking for a halt to the ‘Frankenfish’ GMO salmon.

5 Steps for Avoiding and Detoxing the Bt-Toxin Found in GMO Crops

While research is ongoing, there is growing evidence that Bt triggers an immune response in humans and animals. It elevates antibodies associated with allergies, infections, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer, just to name a few. Even more frightening, it can now be found in the majority of people on traditional Western diets—both in them and their unborn fetuses.

How can we detox the toxin? Simple – here are 7 steps to help you begin:

  • Buy organic, GMO-free foods.
  • Consume probiotics and fermented foods – By ensuring your gut bacteria is in good health, your body is better able to combat invaders like the toxic pesticide chemicals.
  • Consume fiber-rich foods – The more fiber you eat, the faster things move through your body. And good sources of natural fiber (i.e. organic fruits and vegetables) don’t only take the food waste with them. Fiber helps clean the toxins from your body as well. …
  • Sweat – Through sweating, waste is removed through pores on the skin. Aim to sweat at least fifteen minutes every day. …
  • Filter your water – By using s high quality water filtration system, such as a reverse osmosis unit, pesticides and other contaminates can be removed from your everyday drinking supply.

Pretty simple tips to help guard against ANY toxins in your body.

Last, but not least, check out the trailer for a new movie to be released next month:

New Documentary ‘Shade the Motion Picture’ to Feature Anthony Gucciardi on GMOs, Fluoride

More information on GMOs on my Pinterest board