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GMO in Gluten Free Flour

Eating a Gluten Free is no good if you are not eating a HEALTHY Gluten Free Diet.  Eating GMO Gluten Free ingredients is not a healthy diet as there are many questionable effects of GMO foods.  (NOTE:  To find out more about GMO, check out the Non-GMO Project.)

A fellow blogger, Priscilla Matuson, writer of A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows blog has been conducting her own study on GMO in Gluten Free Flour Mixes.  She has contacted several manufacturers and this is a summary of her findings:

Non-GMO (in their products):

Are They Really Non-GMO at This Very Moment (but are working on it):

Unfortunately, the only company that is not GMO Free is Jules Gluten Free.  Here is what she told Pricilla:

Jules’ Gluten Free: “No, Jules’ products are not organic or GMO free – sorry” (Reply from company: 19 October 2012).

When that blog post hit the Gluten Free community, several folks (including myself) contacted Jules Gluten Free to tell her if this information was true, they would not be purchasing her products.  I was particular distressed as I love and promote Jules Gluten Free flours and products.

Our contact with Jules probably didn’t sound too threatening, but yet, it looks like Jules was listening.  On last contact with Priscilla, she did say she was looking into eliminating the GMO corn in her flour.  So far no major announcement has been made, but we are a hoping she will follow through with her promise.

For more information, check out A Gluten Free Mom Who Knows two blog posts on the subject:

In the meantime, if you feel like you would like to get involved, contact Jules Shepard to tell her your feelings.  We can make a difference!

I will continue to post updates I as I find out more info!