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Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad

I use to get angry when writers talked about Gluten Free (and Vegan for that matter) diets as being the latest new diet!!  Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad for me — and I am sure that is true for lots of you!! Being Gluten Free and (nearly) Vegan for over three years, I […]


Gluten Free Pizza from Domimo

At last!  Finally a Gluten Free Pizza option from a national chain!!  Domino’s is, once again, leading the pizza industry into new waters!! Please note that the Gluten Free Pizza from Domino’s is still prepared in ovens along with regular pizza.  While probably safe for us gluten intolerant folks, celiac suffers should use caution! Domino’s […]


Vegan (and Gluten Free) Bakery

Right about now, I wish I lived closer to Vancouver.  The goodies pictured in the article from the Vegan Bakery make me hungry just looking at them!!  This couple is truly talented and consider of the Gluten Free Vegan eaters!! Edible Flours vegan bakery looks to grow in Vancouver Edible Flours, which opened its doors […]


Government Regulation on Gluten Free Restaurants?

More and more awareness about gluten intolerances and celiac disease more impose government regulations on restaurants serving gluten free food option. On January 29, 2012 Dr. Siegal and Dr. Samadi discussed gluten free foods, celiac disease and gluten intolerance on Fox News. During the broadcast Dr. Siegal stated that what is needed is that customers […]


Gluten Free Options in Oregon Subway Chain

Have you been watching Subway Restaurant chain? A few years ago they introduced their gluten free options in the Texas locations. Since then, they are moving their gluten free menu to more and more locations. This article talks about the success of the gluten free sandwich in Oregon. Subway was one of my favorite places […]


Gluten Free Restaurants

Traveling and looking for a gluten free restaurant chain?  Check out this website for listing and reviews of various gluten free restaurants! Great site — it even list some of the celiac association around the country. Discover Great New Places for Safe and Delicious Gluten-Free Dining Welcome to the Internet´s most comprehensive listing of gluten-free […]