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Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad

I use to get angry when writers talked about Gluten Free (and Vegan for that matter) diets as being the latest new diet!!  Gluten Free Diets are NOT a Fad for me — and I am sure that is true for lots of you!!

Being Gluten Free and (nearly) Vegan for over three years, I have learned to live without wheat, dairy and egg products.  This was not a decision based on a choice to follow a fad!  I was generally ill from these foods.  (NOTE:  If you are interested in reading about my Gluten induced Alzheimers, click here!)  But even now, I crave pizza, ice cream drumsticks, and scrambled eggs …. and, I am sorry, but the substitutes are just not the same!!

So, this is where my angry comes into play when I read about the new Gluten Free fad diet!!  If I had a choice, I would probably be eating pizza, ice cream drumsticks, and scrambled eggs!!  But I chose to be healthy and have my brains working correctly rather than enjoy these foods. 🙂

On the other hand, there is some good to this fad diet craze:  More and more stores and outlets are offering Gluten Free Vegan options.  Even since I first went Gluten Free Vegan three years ago, there are lots more options available.  I use to be afraid to go out to eat, but now I know that MOST Mexican dishes are safe (when I tell them to hold the cheese and dairy), and if I am careful, Chinese food works.  There are a few restaurants, like the Red Lobster,  where I can ask specially for help with my restrictions and someone is there to help!  And buffet style restaurants are wonderful as I can find Gluten Free Vegan dishes and my meat-eating husband can find something he likes!!

In conclusion, I have now learned to appreciate my fad diet friends because without them, I would not have all the Gluten Free Vegan options that I now enjoy!!

PS:  This post was inspired by the following article:  Going Gluten Free:  Is it Worth the Effort?


Gluten Free Pizza from Domimo

At last!  Finally a Gluten Free Pizza option from a national chain!!  Domino’s is, once again, leading the pizza industry into new waters!!

Please note that the Gluten Free Pizza from Domino’s is still prepared in ovens along with regular pizza.  While probably safe for us gluten intolerant folks, celiac suffers should use caution!

Domino’s offers gluten-free pizza crust

Perhaps the single biggest if not most frustrating void for folks stuck on gluten-free diets is about to be finally filled: home-delivered pizza.

Gluten Free Pizza from DomimoDomino’s is introducing a pizza made with a gluten-free crust.Monday, Domino’s, the world’s largest delivery pizza chain, will announce plans to sell a pizza made with a gluten-free crust.

It comes as some of the biggest foodmakers and food sellers — including Frito-Lay, Subway, Anheuser-Busch and P.F. Chang’s — are jumping into the $6.2 billion market for people unable to consume products made with wheat, barley and rye.

“We are the first national pizza delivery chain to offer this,” boasts Domino’s CMO Russell Weiner, who notes that while the crust is certified gluten-free, the pizza is still prepared in ovens with pizzas that aren’t gluten-free, so folks who are extra-sensitive need to be aware. The gluten-free pizza costs about $3 more. Most gluten-free products typically do cost more to make.


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Let’s support this wonderful new product by ordering a pizza from Domino’s!!


Vegan (and Gluten Free) Bakery

Right about now, I wish I lived closer to Vancouver.  The goodies pictured in the article from the Vegan Bakery make me hungry just looking at them!!  This couple is truly talented and consider of the Gluten Free Vegan eaters!!

Edible Flours vegan bakery looks to grow in Vancouver

Edible Flours, which opened its doors on April 15, 2011, makes cakes, cookies, cookie sandwiches, croissants, cupcakes, donuts, loaves, muffins, and scones. All of its products are vegan—meaning they don’t contain dairy, eggs, honey, or other animal products—and made with natural ingredients. Much of its goods are also gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, and sugar-free.

Vegan Baker


The Edible Flours bakery is, hopefully, a sign of more similar restaurants around the country.  I am happy to see that Canada has supported the establishment — maybe they will open some similar bakeries in the states!!

If you know of any Gluten Free Vegan Restaurants or bakeries, please let me know and I will post a message about them!


Government Regulation on Gluten Free Restaurants?

More and more awareness about gluten intolerances and celiac disease more impose government regulations on restaurants serving gluten free food option.

On January 29, 2012 Dr. Siegal and Dr. Samadi discussed gluten free foods, celiac disease and gluten intolerance on Fox News. During the broadcast Dr. Siegal stated that what is needed is that customers should go to restaurants and let the restaurants know that they “have to have” a menu and options or alternatives for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. With the growing trend toward governmental control of restaurant food ingredients from fats to salt, this poses the question: Is it time for governmental regulations controlling gluten in the restaurant kitchen?


What do you think? Should the government get involved with this?

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Gluten Free Options in Oregon Subway Chain

Have you been watching Subway Restaurant chain? A few years ago they introduced their gluten free options in the Texas locations. Since then, they are moving their gluten free menu to more and more locations. This article talks about the success of the gluten free sandwich in Oregon. Subway was one of my favorite places to eat before I discovered I was gluten intolerant! A great place to eat as they have lots of options for veggie sandwiches. Now …. I am hoping they move into Idaho soon!!

For the estimated 16 million Americans with gluten sensitivity, eating out can pose a real challenge. Now, after a successful test in Bend and Portland, Subway restaurants across the state have begun rolling out gluten-free sandwich options and gluten-free brownies as regular menu items, according to Cathie Ericson, a spokeswoman for the chain. They join a growing number of mainstream restaurants offering gluten-free options for diners.


If you have tried one of Subway’s Gluten Free menu items, share your experience with us! I, for sure, would like to know how good they are (especially the brownies!!).

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Gluten Free Restaurants

Traveling and looking for a gluten free restaurant chain?  Check out this website for listing and reviews of various gluten free restaurants!

Great site — it even list some of the celiac association around the country.

Discover Great New Places for Safe and Delicious Gluten-Free Dining

Welcome to the Internet´s most comprehensive listing of gluten-free restaurant menus offered by national and regional chains.

Fortunately, as awareness of Celiac Disease has grown and more people have been properly diagnosed, more and more restaurants are understanding the importance of serving this fast-growing market. The restaurants below are some of the “early adopters” and deserve our utmost thanks for going the extra mile to create a range of delicious gluten-free menu options. Please reward them with your business, and help spread the word about them to others with Celiac. And, of course, after you’ve dined at any of these restaurants, please submit a review to share your feedback with others.

Check Out the Site

Personally, I am planning to bookmark this site.  Wonderful resource for us gluten free folks!