Vegan Butter

Butter Substitute or Vegan Butter is fairly easy to find in the stores.  Personally, we use Earth Balance because I like the taste and because it does not use soy (trying to stay away from that as well).  So far, it works wonderful for use on toast, in some baking (where we can’t or don’t use coconut oil), …. and just an all around butter substitute.

Check out the article below for other options.

Vegan ButterVegan butter is better butter

Is the Paula Deen side of you wondering how you could ever get by without butter as a vegan? Have no fear — vegan butter not only exists, but it’s easy to find and delicious! You won’t miss the cruelty!

The most popular vegan butter on the market is made by Earth Balance. They have a long line of buttery products. Their buttery spread comes in tubs and sticks. There are several options with the buttery spreads: Original blend; Whipped (perfect for spreading on breads and muffins and the like); Soy Garden, made with the power of soy; Olive Oil blend; and Soy Free, for those avoiding soy. Earth Balance also makes buttery sticks, available in their Original blend, and Natural Vegetable Shortening sticks. You can learn about all of their products on their website. You can also find recipes and health facts for their products.


If you are adventurous or just interested in making your own Vegan Butter, I have written a Squidoo Lens:  Vegan Butter Recipe.  The article includes a recipe that my husband adapted for our personal use.  Please share with your friends if you find my Vegan Butter Recipe Lens helpful or informative.


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