What About Raw Food?

Since I am a big salad eater, I have lots of Raw Food in my diet.  But lately, I have become more interested in Raw Food especially due to some new found friends on facebook:  Raw Food Wild Diet.

So …… What About Raw Food?  Let me tell you what I have found ….

Raw FoodRaw Food is food that is uncooked and unprocessed — “live” or “living” food — plant food.  Eating your food raw preserves the naturally occurring enzymes that aid in digestion, but once the food is cooked (over 118ºF or 48ºC), these enzymes are destroyed.

When I asked for help on the subject of Raw Food, I was referred to an article on WikiHow.  Following is their 9 tips …

  1. Become informed about the raw food diet. Understanding the purpose and philosophy behind the raw food diet is an essential part of becoming an advocate for and ensuring that you are enjoying it, as well as benefiting from it…
  2. Find community. … Online forums provide a great resource to meet fellow raw foodists, exchange recipes and have questions answered…
  3. Try it. If you’re concerned that you don’t necessarily agree with the rationale for eating raw food all the time, the best advice is to give it a good shot….
  4. Acquire the appropriate kitchen equipment. Quality kitchen equipment makes following a raw food diet much easier and less time-consuming.
  5. Consider the source of your food. When switching to a raw food diet, the source of your food is important. Organic food is unburdened by the chemicals used for conventional crops…
  6. Know which foods form part of a raw food diet. There is a wide range of food available to the raw foodist, … At least 75 percent of food consumed should not be heated over 118ºF or 48ºC….
  7. Know how to store foods properly. Raw foods are more susceptible to spoilage and will not keep anywhere near as long as processed foods….
  8. Transition. Introduce raw foods slowly into your current diet….
  9. Exercise and relax. Optimal health is about being healthy in a well-rounded way.

Since I have new found friends sharing recipes for raw foods, with their permission, I will share some of them here — also, feel free to join the group:  Raw Food Wild Diet.

As you know, I believe in moderation, so although my diet is high in raw foods, it is not 100% raw!  Each person needs to decide what is best for their body and if raw agrees with you, go for it!



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    i love it because i love to eat tasty food and which is healthy too

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