What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is my favorite grain.  Before I discovered I was gluten intolerant, I had never heard of Quinoa or knew it was Gluten Free.  What is Quinoa?  Since then, I have become a avid promoter and consumer of Quinoa.  This little grain has so many uses.  I add raisins and coconut milk to Quinoa for breakfast; mix it with veggies, lemon juice and oil for a nutritious salad;  and add it to soups and stir fries for dinner!  Do you know of any other food you can use for all three meals?

The article below tells about Quinoa and some ways to use Quinoa.  The article is not written by a vegan, but the information is still pertinent!

Quinoa: It’s the old/new gluten-free super grain!

a plant food source like quinoa is neither fish nor fowl, making it a ticklish task to label its status. This supergrain is like a combo plate with various quantities of both protein and carbs. So you have to look at your overall carb and protein intake throughout the day to decide whether you want to convert quinoa into a carb side or a main-dish protein.

Embrace its multitasking attributes — toss it in pilafs, stews, salads, stir-fries, turkey burgers or meatloaves or anywhere you want to swap out pasty, empty carbs like white flour and Styrofoam white rice for the nutritional powerhouse busting with nutty and grassy nuances. Quinoa pairs well with legumes making a fine vegan or vegetarian meal or grilled deep-sea scallops or chicken breasts for die-hard pescavores or pollitarians.


Do you have some good recipes to share with us using Quinoa?  Or have you tried some the different types of Quinoa:  red or black?  Personally, I love them all.


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