Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate Dessert E-Book


If you love chocolate, this is the dessert recipe book for you! As a chocoholic myself, I went absolutely NUTS over all the great recipes and information packed in this e-book!! It was great to finally find a book of guilty free “sweets” for gluten free vegans that contains gluten free vegan chocolate and ….

–Pam’s recipes do not contain any grains at all so no wheat, barley, rye or oats.. . They are all totally gluten free

–None of Pam’s recipes use processed foods so there is no hidden gluten. In fact they only use natural whole foods as mother nature intended

–None of the recipes include Milk, so avoids the problem of lactose or casein intolerance often associated with celiac disease. (Milk actually destroys the anti-oxidants found in foods, especially chocolate!)

–The recipes are high in anti-oxidants to support good health

–The raw chocolate in each recipe is sweetened with agave or maple syrup. (Or you can use coconut nectar)

–Many recipes use coconut oil which has earned the title “the healthiest oil on the planet” and it is also “fat burning”

'Gluten-Free Chocolate'.1

The ‘Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate’ book includes a large section in the front of her book on Celiac disease, why you should avoid dairy, and chocolate making tips — a complete book of info before you even see the recipes.

When you purchase Pam’s Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate E-book, you also receive the following two bonuses:

  • Exercise Without Effort
  • 200 Delicious Fruit Smoothies

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