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Posted March 20, 2012 By Sandy

If you are new to Vegan eating and cooking, Meat Substitutes may be a challenge for you.  I know it was for my husband (by the way, he went back to eating meat …. but that is a different story).  Meat just has the density that most vegan food does not.  Now days, there are lots of option for finding Vegan Meat Substitutes … and they can tastes really good!

Just as a side note, watch carefully when you purchase Meat Substitutes as many contain Gluten!

Meat  Substitute

Meat Substitute Market Beefs Up

… a U.S. product database found that 110 new meat substitute products were introduced in 2010 and 2011. And according to SymphonyIRI Group, a market research firm, frozen meat substitute sales reached $267 million in 2011.

All those new products are giving people who are looking for tasty alternatives to meat a lot more choice. And they’re making it easier for Weber and his organization, Farm Animal Rights Movement, or FARM, to persuade people to limit the meat in their diets.


Check out these resources for making your own Meat Substitute (which is what I ended up doing for my husband and myself!)

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