Gluten Free Flat Bread Recipes

I have never tried making Flatbread, but this Gluten Free Flatbread recipe sounded rather interesting.  What is even more interesting is the way she used the Gluten Free Flatbread:  As a pizza base, pita pocket and “dippers” for olive oil and vinegar.  What a versatile bread!

My husband, Malcolm, makes and eats a humus often and I would bet this Gluten Free Flat Bread would taste great as a humus ‘dipper’!

Gluten-Free Flat Bread

Gluten Free Flat Bread

 1/2 cup finely ground Oats (Use any of the quick cooking oat brands)
1/2 cup Arrowroot Starch
1/2 tsp Instant Dry Yeast
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt
1  tsp Jaggery syrup / raw sugar
1 tbsp Oil (Any neutral oil)
less than 1/2 cup warm water


While researching this Gluten Free Flat Bread recipe, I found a variation of this recipe on another site.  This recipe used Millet rather than oats (and makes a few other changes).  If you would like to try this Millet based recipe:  Gluten Free Vegan Bajra (Pearl Millet) Flatbread.


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