The Gluten Free Bible EBook


Gail’s Gluten Free Bible is packed full of important information that everyone who is diagnosed with a gluten or wheat problem needs to read!

Her easy step by step guide makes going gluten free a breeze! And it explains exactly what it means to be GLUTEN FREE!

As I read through it, I discovered the interesting distinctions between celiac disease, gluten intolerance and wheat allergies!! Most doctors don’t discuss with you is the difference between these and how to deal with each one DIFFERENTLY!

Gail explains … “Celiac disease is .. an autoimmune disease – meaning it is a result of the body’s own immune system damaging itself when presented with something it views as harmful.” In a later chapter, she goes on to say, “just because you test negative for CD (Celiac Disease), it does not mean you don’t have a gluten intolerance! … Your chances of being gluten sensitive are far greater than having celiac disease. It is estimated that approximately 15% (1 in 7) people are NCGS (non celiac gluten sensitive), whereas less than .5% (1 in 200) of people have CD.” Concerning wheat allergies, she notes, “Wheat intolerance is NOT an autoimmune disorder, whereas CD is defined by the reaction it evokes from the body’s immune system.” Of course, she goes on to explain the differences in much greater detail!

What a relief to finally find this information packed all in one e guide!

Her table of contents reveal the many issues (beyond the confusion I had with the above issues!) she addresses in her guide:

1. Are You 1 in 100?
 2. How do I tell if its celiac disease or an intolerance to something?
3. What’s the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease?
4. What about wheat intolerance? Is that the same thing?

5. Is a wheat allergy the same as a wheat intolerance?
6. What effect can gluten have on me?
7. So what is gluten?
8. Where can gluten be found?
9. So what can I eat?!
10. Staying gluten free when eating out

 11. How can I avoid accidentally eating gluten?
12. Brands that specialize in gluten free products
13. Eating gluten-free without breaking the budget
14. But I am a vegetarian – can I eat gluten free too?
15. Gluten-free shopping list

 16. 3 day eating plan

Gail also of02-207x300fers THREE FREE bonuses when you purchase her Gluten Free Bible:

  • Bonus One: Easy Gluten Free Survival Guide — Gluten Free Food Guide for Friends
  • Bonus Two: Gail’s Gluten Free Journey — Gail’s Personal Story Dealing with Gluten Intolerance!
  • Bonus Three:  Living a Healthy Lifestyle — Making the Most of Your Gluten Free Diet and Life!

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